My abs are sore for once in my life

Photo May 18, 6 43 35 PM

My undoing

The last 7 months, have just about been completely devoted to flattening my stubborn stomach!! I wasn’t necessarily born with it…only because I came out of the womb a competitive gymnast.  But you bet your bottom less than a year after my “early retirement” at 9 years old that thing showed up!! My mom had the exact same one at my age, so I KNEW it would not go without a fight.

I am up for anything and EVERYTHING when it comes to the possibility of once in my adult life getting rid my pouch. Even when I was 19 years old, and dropped down to 105lbs (very unhealthily and sickly I might add) I still had that thing loud and clear! From 18-26 all I ever thought about was if I could just suck that thing right out how much better my life would be…But who wants to take the easy way out?? Especially now that I know I am not the exception to the rule, and I CAN have my dream body with time, patience, the right knowledge and dedication.

I have definitely developed a great waist, and some awesome muscle tone thus far thank you to my amazing trainer and coach Mallory Bobo and Edge Fitness. But my abs are still a work in progress unfortunately, even after working on them for 7 months. I am not where I want to be, but I am damn glad I am not where I was at the beginning of all of this!

So I am always looking for new ab moves to try out and see what happens. I find I have a hard time getting my abs sore from anything! Sure the exercises are hard while doing them. I definitely challenge myself and ability as much as possible.  But I quickly noticed my abs were the only muscles that were never sore, ever! Around my 4 month mark, I found a pair of ankle weights to incorporate into my routine which I could tell really made my muscles stand out and cut just a little bit deeper! I also upped my cardio difficulty, hoping to burn some extra fat to really bring that thing down. Of course as always, abs are made in the kitchen ❤ so my diet HAS to be on point for any of this to even matter.

Last week I watched a video posted by the one and only Joe Donnelly on Facebook . This guy is not exactly the most conservative guy, and likes to ruffle some feathers, but he tells it like it is, and knows how to cut the BS and get the job done! I highly recommend following his page and Instagram account @jdonnely44.

The only thing I have tried thus far is the incline bench move. The first one. Because that is all I could get through. I have been unbelievably sore since rep #1….That is all.




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